G8way Consciousness

G8Way Consciousness

The Andromeda Gateway is a magical interface between humanity and outreach of cosmic beings.  We are being supported at this time by Light Councils, Intergalactic Councils including Ascended Masters and the Exalted Light.  The Seraphim surround and protect the portal.

My first encounters with the portal began consciously in the spring of 2016. I gave a class and talks about it but it wasn't until November of 2018 that other lightworkers in my community began to experience the portal.  Since that time we have together been bringing these experiences to others.

I and our team, the Andromeda Gateway Collective are offering activations and experiences that will bring you into this powerful and transmuting/transforming energy.  It is joyful and accessible to all who participate with positive partnership and intent.  I am working with Exalted Light experiences. For those that resonate with this work you are invited to join our Light Practices group. 

contact me at 303-520-4552 or Sandra@g8wayconsciousness.com to join my mailing list and be notified of channeled newsletters and upcoming events

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