By Sandra Blaha - An Introduction to the Exalted Light of Aharona and the Andromeda Gateway

I feel the g8way portal in my third eye, surrounded by the fiery energy of the seraph’s protection.  I am here to transmit light, love and awareness of cosmic intelligence and connection.

I ask, “Why is cosmic awareness important now and for whom?”

Answer:  Humanity has been too limited in awareness and perspective.  As above, so below.  Holograms.  What is unfolding for you (humanity) has much greater depth and breadth than what you have known.

I am communicating with a being named Aharona.  I met her on November 28, 2017 through a channel by Susanah Magdalena ( here in Denver, Colorado.  I had been experiencing this portal since mid-year 2016.  I have been connecting with Andromedin’s throughout 2017.  I have a long practice of channeled writing.  However, this contact has been unlike any to date.  It is much more intense and powerful and has been prolific, on a daily basis. 

What is her message?  First and foremost, that humanity must raise their vibration to that of Joy.  To manifest the reality that we choose our vibration must be at the highest level.   We are finally able to manifest what we intend, with appropriate energy and practice. 

Her second message takes manifestation deeper.  That message is potential.  Probability.  Aharona shares an etheric vortex web that looks like spun silver-white light.  In a high vibration one can pull serendipity towards themselves enhancing probability.

Aharona has come with what I call a sun-beacon.  While many beings bring light, this seems different.  Susanah says Aharona likes the term Exalted Light.  It fills the entire midbrain and heart.  The light seems transmittable to me.  It is radiant and may contain healing energy.



About Sandra Marie
Sandra Marie Blaha is the founder of G8Way Consciousness and Performance Consulting. 

She is a skilled healer, teacher, coach, and guide. An Aquarian, she embodies an unusual, eccentric, intuitive force bringing relationships that are beyond the norm - innovative, unconventional, clarity about how things coalesce and function and brilliant crystalline intelligence from the distant stars.

Sandra is a Crystal Resonance Therapist (CTRh) and VortexHealing© practitioner.  She channels teachers and guides who are now working with humanity to expand cosmic consciousness.  She supports her clients with workshops, education, channeling and hands on energy work using the aid of crystals and stones. Her mission is to create the balance required for individuals to heal and transform themselves.   

I am working with other channels as the Andromeda Gateway Collective.  On March 25, 2018 we will, as a team, bring this energy through to participants in Denver at Journeys for Conscious Living.  Stay tuned for teleconferences in the future.

 Blessings of love and light.  Nothing is more important to you than to intend, practice and be Joyful in 2018.

Installation 4 - In Tune With the Waters

January 24, 2016

As I intend inspiration from the Hathors an article from National Geographic Travel finds me.  It is entitled, “I used to know a man who tuned rivers.”  The first few paragraphs read:

“He would make camp on a willow bank, then sit and listen.  Listen to the chatter of water over rocks, the whirl of an eddy, the late evening splash of trout.  To truly hear the river required a few days.  He’d have to learn to separate the trill of a tiny stepped waterfall or the bass of a torrent over deadfall, from the rest of the landscape.  If he was lucky, it would rain, and he’d get a chance to listen to the clouds building the river once again, drops spilling off trees like a water clock. At last he’d start to tune to the stream…

Forget the poets who tell you we’re made of stardust. The human body is composed of up to 60 percent water.  Our bodies own rivers and streams are traced in blood.

Water compels us and water saves us.  It hydrates us. It keeps our minds supple…it offers us many ways to move through the world.  And not just us:  Consider whales.  Look inside a whale flipper and you’ll see the bones of a fully articulated fingers.  Millennia ago, the precursors of whales came ashore, hung out on land awhile, and then headed back to the sea, where they could sing water-carried whale song to each other across hundreds of miles.  Is it any wonder that we run for the water’s edge whenever we can…Water is anywhere and everywhere.”

It makes me think of how children love to play in water, you can’t keep them away from it.  For that matter adults love it too.  I remember a favorite Joni Mitchell song, “I wish I had a river, I could skate away on.”  And the documentary about Mussel Shoals, the infamous recording studio of the late sixties and 70’s that recorded some of our best blues and rock and roll.  An elder woman of the River at Mussel Shoals explained the river’s song and claimed the land there holy.

Wondering how to explain my feelings I can say that I am drawn to hikes in the woods that follow a stream.  I often stop to listen to the water over the rocks, stop to watch the sparkle in the sunlight, sense the life within the foliage on the stream banks and feel “in tune.”

I yearn for oceans.  I can say that I feel whales in my heart.  I haven’t yet had the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins but I hope to.  I know we are ONE.  And the Hathors, the whales, not only inspire me but prompt me to find my voice.    

Do I take water for granted?  Yes, it is delivered through my tap and I let it flow freely,  at times not conserving. A favorite pre-sleep ritual is getting in a bath with mineral salts.  But I rarely now go anywhere without my refillable water bottle. I want no excuse to grab a plastic bottle.  I’ve heard it said that not using plastic water bottles is the number one thing each of us can do to help our failing oceans.

Over the holidays I went to see a few great movies.  The Big Short was among them.  I think about the eccentric genius played by Christian Bale who understands and responds to financial trends before anyone else.  He is investing in water.  The character played by Brad Pitt, a former investment banker, is saving heritage seeds.

Those of us in the metaphysical community feel the increasing light, love and Oneness. Yet this does not mean we can simply rely on others to save our planet.  We must tune into the waters and respond.  Our human bodies are mostly water and silica.  Our earth is mostly water.  Each of us must do at least one thing NOW to tune into the water and the planet, feel her and respond by doing our small part to undo the degradation.

If you haven’t already done so please watch the film at

Once you watch it you will know why it is so important.  It’s about two hours in length and well worth it, a story well told.  If you have watched it ask all of your friends and family to watch it.

We have a sacred duty to Mother Earth.  Please do one thing now and tell others about your choice and why you’ve made it.  Yes one small voice can change the world. It’s your voice, your choice. 

I send you heart a-tuning blessings.