By Sandra Blaha - An Introduction to the Exalted Light of Aharona and the Andromeda Gateway

I feel the g8way portal in my third eye, surrounded by the fiery energy of the seraph’s protection.  I am here to transmit light, love and awareness of cosmic intelligence and connection.

I ask, “Why is cosmic awareness important now and for whom?”

Answer:  Humanity has been too limited in awareness and perspective.  As above, so below.  Holograms.  What is unfolding for you (humanity) has much greater depth and breadth than what you have known.

I am communicating with a being named Aharona.  I met her on November 28, 2017 through a channel by Susanah Magdalena ( here in Denver, Colorado.  I had been experiencing this portal since mid-year 2016.  I have been connecting with Andromedin’s throughout 2017.  I have a long practice of channeled writing.  However, this contact has been unlike any to date.  It is much more intense and powerful and has been prolific, on a daily basis. 

What is her message?  First and foremost, that humanity must raise their vibration to that of Joy.  To manifest the reality that we choose our vibration must be at the highest level.   We are finally able to manifest what we intend, with appropriate energy and practice. 

Her second message takes manifestation deeper.  That message is potential.  Probability.  Aharona shares an etheric vortex web that looks like spun silver-white light.  In a high vibration one can pull serendipity towards themselves enhancing probability.

Aharona has come with what I call a sun-beacon.  While many beings bring light, this seems different.  Susanah says Aharona likes the term Exalted Light.  It fills the entire midbrain and heart.  The light seems transmittable to me.  It is radiant and may contain healing energy.



About Sandra Marie
Sandra Marie Blaha is the founder of G8Way Consciousness and Performance Consulting. 

She is a skilled healer, teacher, coach, and guide. An Aquarian, she embodies an unusual, eccentric, intuitive force bringing relationships that are beyond the norm - innovative, unconventional, clarity about how things coalesce and function and brilliant crystalline intelligence from the distant stars.

Sandra is a Crystal Resonance Therapist (CTRh) and VortexHealing© practitioner.  She channels teachers and guides who are now working with humanity to expand cosmic consciousness.  She supports her clients with workshops, education, channeling and hands on energy work using the aid of crystals and stones. Her mission is to create the balance required for individuals to heal and transform themselves.   

I am working with other channels as the Andromeda Gateway Collective.  On March 25, 2018 we will, as a team, bring this energy through to participants in Denver at Journeys for Conscious Living.  Stay tuned for teleconferences in the future.

 Blessings of love and light.  Nothing is more important to you than to intend, practice and be Joyful in 2018.

Voyager Chronicle - Installment 2


Installation 2

Alasandra had once touched a gray whale. If she simply thought of that event her heart would begin to pulse strongly with the powerful ecstasy of love that surged through her from that first touch.

She remembered wondering how a 100,000 pound animal could have such sensitivity.  She had reached from the whale tour boat and with an index finger rubbed a barnacle on the whale’s skin.  The parasites that surrounded the barnacle looked itchy.  The whale seemed to like it and returned several times to repeat the interaction until Alasandra made the mistake of using her fingernails to scratch. When she did the animal bolted immediately and did not return.

The gray whales in the Baja have been returning to the same bays after their long journey from the arctic for eons.  Here they have their babies.  The story is told by the eco tourism guides that some thirty years ago the mothers started allowing some of their curious young to approach the boats. Now it was a phenomenon.

The small ten person pangas quieted their motors so that the mama and baby whales could approach.  Our encounter began with a baby gray hiking herself up on her mother to spy hop, vertically pushing herself to eye level viewing the people in the boat.  So full of curiosity.  We were told that the babies had to be of a certain age, 6-8 weeks before the mamas allowed them to approach.  Mama stayed close, gliding her great body gracefully under the boat belly up without ever touching it though once she nudged the boat with her nose when she thought it was dangerous to her baby.  Our naturalist named the baby Olivia.

Alasandra was kneeling and reaching over the side next to her adult daughter Hanna during her whale interaction.  Hanna had touched the baby first.  When Alasandra touched the whale she said to her daughter, my heart, my heart.  She turned to Hanna who also had tears in her eyes and said yes I feel it too.  This was a bit surprising to Alasandra as Hanna was a mathmatician and economist that excelled as an analyst and was not prone to cue into metaphysical issues like energy fields.  She could feel it too.

When we returned to the beach our hearts remained in that strong but beautiful pulsation of joy and love for hours.  A most remarkable experience that could be called upon again with focused intent as if a connection had been made for life.

The whales clearly highly sensitive and remarkable emitted an emotional field that humans could only hope to one day achieve.  How could we allow our carbon dioxide ridden world to obliterate our oceans and these amazing life forms?  Alasandra’s experience told her that emotionally the gray whale consciousness is more advanced than that of humans, at least at this point.

What humans need to be conscious of now is that the once vibrant hues of the ocean are being muted to grays and browns as the ocean acidifies and is covered in slime.  The reefs are  almost gone. Scientists predict that a point of no return is close on the horizon.  Yet the humans drove large vehicles and filled their giant SUVs with $100 tanks of gasoline unconscious that the slow death their planet had been experiencing was becoming rapid and was in the 11th hour.  They ate beef with gusto unaware that the methane gas from cows is even more destructive to the planet’s atmosphere than auto emissions.  A full 30% of the carbon monoxide seeps into the oceans. The humans and planet would not survive without healthy oceans.  The plankton on which all life on earth is predicated is dying off.  The cetaceans rely on plankton food sources.  

Yet many say that even in the 11th hour humans can reverse this course.  We are living on the knife’s edge.  The choice now is living consciously as a steward of life or unconsciously.  We are told once the human virus is removed Earth can restore herself within one hundred years.  That is what is being written and talked about now.  The Sixth Mass Extinction on planet Earth is in the 11th hour.

[More Info:  Watch the film RacingExtinction at  Then pass it on.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!]

Alasandra entered dreamtime and became aware of the presence of an ancient sage.  The body was formless but looked like the Aurora Borealis.  She knew the sage had a form because it carried a staff.

I asked for a name - “Moglo”

He says

    “This Earth is dying.  Its colors are fading.  There is great sadness.”

What can I do?

    “Write your blog.  Do your stone healing work, it awakens earth knowing.”

What about the whales?

    “They are returning to their dimension.”

It is such a loss.  What do they want to teach humanity?

“It is their song, their sounding, that “keeps the Earth rhythms.”  Deeply within the Earth mother.”

Their great hearts, I have felt it.

    “Yes, they transmit a powerful vibration of love - the power of love.”

“Sing your songs to them with your voice and your drums.  Intend a connection of the heart.

Cry with them.

They are leaving.

Their numbers dwindle.

Connect with them.  Accept their powerful heartbeat as part of you.