By Sandra Blaha - An Introduction to the Exalted Light of Aharona and the Andromeda Gateway

I feel the g8way portal in my third eye, surrounded by the fiery energy of the seraph’s protection.  I am here to transmit light, love and awareness of cosmic intelligence and connection.

I ask, “Why is cosmic awareness important now and for whom?”

Answer:  Humanity has been too limited in awareness and perspective.  As above, so below.  Holograms.  What is unfolding for you (humanity) has much greater depth and breadth than what you have known.

I am communicating with a being named Aharona.  I met her on November 28, 2017 through a channel by Susanah Magdalena ( here in Denver, Colorado.  I had been experiencing this portal since mid-year 2016.  I have been connecting with Andromedin’s throughout 2017.  I have a long practice of channeled writing.  However, this contact has been unlike any to date.  It is much more intense and powerful and has been prolific, on a daily basis. 

What is her message?  First and foremost, that humanity must raise their vibration to that of Joy.  To manifest the reality that we choose our vibration must be at the highest level.   We are finally able to manifest what we intend, with appropriate energy and practice. 

Her second message takes manifestation deeper.  That message is potential.  Probability.  Aharona shares an etheric vortex web that looks like spun silver-white light.  In a high vibration one can pull serendipity towards themselves enhancing probability.

Aharona has come with what I call a sun-beacon.  While many beings bring light, this seems different.  Susanah says Aharona likes the term Exalted Light.  It fills the entire midbrain and heart.  The light seems transmittable to me.  It is radiant and may contain healing energy.



About Sandra Marie
Sandra Marie Blaha is the founder of G8Way Consciousness and Performance Consulting. 

She is a skilled healer, teacher, coach, and guide. An Aquarian, she embodies an unusual, eccentric, intuitive force bringing relationships that are beyond the norm - innovative, unconventional, clarity about how things coalesce and function and brilliant crystalline intelligence from the distant stars.

Sandra is a Crystal Resonance Therapist (CTRh) and VortexHealing© practitioner.  She channels teachers and guides who are now working with humanity to expand cosmic consciousness.  She supports her clients with workshops, education, channeling and hands on energy work using the aid of crystals and stones. Her mission is to create the balance required for individuals to heal and transform themselves.   

I am working with other channels as the Andromeda Gateway Collective.  On March 25, 2018 we will, as a team, bring this energy through to participants in Denver at Journeys for Conscious Living.  Stay tuned for teleconferences in the future.

 Blessings of love and light.  Nothing is more important to you than to intend, practice and be Joyful in 2018.

The Voyager Chronicle

Installment 1

The 6th Mass Extinction was seeded by greed.      It wasn't math and science per se but the glorification of science and math twisted by lies and logical substantiation of the story that power and greed wanted to portray. The gorgeous and elegant left brain, processing in its binary sequential logical fashion seven to nine bits of information at a time had become revered over the balance that is added when using both the right and left brain functions.  The right brain’s intuitive, artistic, deeper functions had been denied and shamed. Balance had been lost at great cost. 

Yet it made a certain sense as the left brain could produce tangible results and argue the value of those results. The right brain was often mute in her expression of what she knew to be true.

By the time the 20th and 21st century rolled around the humans had gotten stuck.  The Maya of comfort and lies together with the daily existence that distanced humans from the burden that greed placed upon the back of Gaia had become entwined in the myth of success and ease.

Of course this wasn’t the case for many in the world, mostly the western Europeans, Japanese and Americans enjoyed wealth and ease while the planet and the rest of the world suffered in poverty.  Even in these countries there was declining quality of life and increasing poverty as the scale of balance tipped.

The beauty of what Gaia once been had become scratched and marred, monotonously stuck in an ever repeating pattern, like the vinyl platters that played recorded music.  Humans, like the scratched record were stuck in a groove. Deep in the groove it became more like a valley without a horizon.  Most were not aware of their captivity. 

Repeating their successes with less and less joy the humans did not know how and when to move on when.  They felt heavily laden with their success but did not know how to jump out of the groove they found themselves stuck in.

At first the novelty of their left brains' creations was enchanting and led to advancements and improved quality of life. But now the collective somehow knew, watched and sensed a sticky, sickly captivity.

The humans had evolved over time.  In earlier centuries, since the Renaissance only the disguised star beings like Leonardo Da Vinci escaped the ridicule and punishment of conformist society, a society whose values were dictated by religions that shamed humans into believing they were flawed and powerless. The monied profited from the scratched record, the perseveration, and sold solutions to the pain that became ever more endured by the weary world of worker bees.  In fact most humans didn’t even know this infinity loop existed.  But the dawn of a new era was at hand.  If enough humans woke up and shouted the truth. 

The tipping point was on the knife’s edge.  The government and corporations buried the many solutions and inventions now being received by the star beings and awakened ones, or they discredited the inventors and inventions.  Free power and cell phones that did not emit EMF’s- electromagnetic frequencies, dangerous to humans was available through the inventors. Many of the earth’s dilemmas and health issues would be solved by the use of these inventions. 

However the Maya was confounding.  Humans were afraid to endure the discomfort of economic upheaval and the uncertainty that these changes would bring. Most humans were becoming sick with unexplained illnesses caused by food that was being sold to them that was genetically modified and not recognized by the body as food.  Budgets stretched thin people wanted these cheaper foods and many denied the maladies came from these sources.  The same corporations that sold this food had pre-empted the rule of law and had insured that they could not be taken to court for their actions. They also invested in and owned cancer and health care clinics. 

Things were changing though.  Ted Ex, a popular channel of information presented new ideas and ways of being and living.  More and more executives were entering dreamtime with pen and paper and emerging with new and mind blowing solutions.  Scientists, engineers, researchers and mathematicians used their right brain to enter dreamtime and connect to the Collective Knower, downloading the knowledge of new devices and technologies which held the promise of solutions to humanity's challenges.

In the past even dreamers like Einstein accessed formulas that they knew were incomplete when applied in the third dimension as they had obviously come from a higher dimension and didn’t sync in the three D world.  These dimensional surfers remembered how to access the Collective Knowing.  They brought through great leaps forward in math, science, imagination and "civilization." Admirers often stroked and flattered these ones and some of them came to believe their genius came from within.

But mostly, the Right Brain, the Collective Knower stood idle, unaware.  The exception was the artists, the dreamers, the musicians who offered entertainment.  These ones did not often live in wealth and ease but they were aware.  There were others that were aware, the elite who profited from selling illness and its cures AND the Star Beings.

The star beings mastered through practice access to their right brains and the processing of billions of bits of information at a time, in all dimensions.  Using their brain’s naturally occurring DMT they were able to voyage.  What the human’s called daydreaming was purposeful journeying for the star beings.  They accessed creative solutions and began to live more and more in other dimensions as well as the Earthly dimensions.  They were outside the groove of the scratched record.

The humans had deeply embedded in them the same star seed.   Each could with enough intention, sound and light, awaken, remember and jump out of the groove into the new dimension.   Many were curious sensing the change and occasionally some woke up from the dream like a bursting bubble.


Among the humans the star beings lived having come from dimensions beyond. They struggled through the miasma of the density of the third dimension going through re-birth after re-birth of their memory which had become so obliterated by the density of the air that they breathed and the bodies that they lived in that they found it easy to commiserate with the humans complaining about being stuck in the record's groove.

Among these star beings lived Alasandra in relative and purposeful obscurity so as not to draw attention to herself. Dreams of her past incarnations had taught her to fear the wrath that came down upon her if she stepped outside the lines.

Yet this time, this life was different somehow.      Before the mass extinctions it seemed the star beings awakened. Some awakened quickly. Some more slowly. But the more awakened the more their vibration accelerated the awakening of their Brothers and Sisters, including the humans.

Alasandra had been quietly engaged in studying and experimenting with increasing the biophotonic light in her cellular bodies, both subtle and that of the human suit. She found her way to the loving supportive embrace of her kind.   And the spiral of ascension opened before her more and more rapidly. 

Mentorship abounded in this time of the awakening star lights. Some of Alasandra's sisters and brothers drank this light whenever they were able. Some were able to drink in the starlight through their eyes. 

Many selectively chose their mentors.  Alasandra was fond of many paths but especially sound healing. She was brought more and more to life by a particular singer, dreamer, psychologist, and student of ancient spiritual frameworks. This man brought sound through his being. The sound came from other dimensions and seeped into the right brain as it transformed the listener.   With him she was able to travel into new dimensions within and beyond they veils of the Maya.

On one of these journeys she accessed a dimensional pathway of pale white silver gray.  It was a wide stream having the sensation and look of a silk scarf.  It filled her entire inner view when she looked at it.  Having practice with dimensions she was not surprised to find herself in this stream.

She had entered various types of slipstreams before and quickly inquired how to navigate. Immediately she saw to her left a series of pods or openings in an endless row, a bit like a string of pearls. After a bit of time they began to look like a spinal cord and ventricles.

With her thought she intended and entered Shamballa. She remembered that the oversight of her soul was guided from this place. Crossing the entryway through the great plaza she glided to the top of the temple and to her light tube where her greater self resided. Surrounding her tube the master guides were in conference and she easily joined as one of them.

She poured out her desires to these great ones knowing that they were there for her. She required lightness of form in the human suit, fulfilling AND nurturing relationships and ease of navigation and remembrance

She was instructed to don a gown of white and sparkly diamond light when traveling in the Slipstream.  She was advised that as she intended while in the slipstream a beam would appear as if from the folds of the scarf and she would be delivered to the appropriate entryway.  Her white diamond gown would change to an appropriate color as she entered each dimension through the pod opening.  This process she was shown could be enhancedby touching her right hand to the indent below her left shoulder. They also advised intending the use of appropriate head ware as it was key to navigation. They showed her that her gown would turn a deep orange red as she entered the hall of the Akashic records and that she would need a more scholarly looking hat.

They suggested that each voyage to the slip stream would require a first stop in Shamballa to greet and confer about the day and the intended voyages. 

"Ask your team for your requirements to be met.  Express your heart's desires as requirements and gratefully acknowledge your team’s assistance."

Then you voyage on, intending to exit Shamballa and re-enter the slip stream towards your next destination.

Alasandra remembered that she had often in the past traveled through a great white gossamer Great Hall to the temple of a Galactic Council. There she had spent time communing and learning as well as taking in the council’s healing vibration. But this was not her first intention.

Instead she set her intent to travel to Pleiades, the place of her recent ancestors. A beam of light appeared and she was there. This was a quick affair as the Pleidians immediately surrounded her and one of them simply placed their hand on her heart giving the gift of heart awakening and gnosis. She knew for now the lesson or healing had been received.

She was anxious to move on to meet Ursula, the 9th dimension being whom she had encountered many months previously and who was always with her now.  Perhaps she had always been with her.  Ursula had become a wise and constant advisor

Attheir first meeting she had shown Alasandra the degradation, horror and pain that her society had endured on their way to their enlightened way of living. She demonstrated their form of communal visioning which consisted of a shared dream time. The result of the vision was woven into energy threads that were then projected or stabilized into a device which looked like a very large sculpture like polished stone.  It sat at the middle of a plaza. She placed in Alasandra's mind the vision of the stone being moved to plaza after plaza in their communities transmitting the vibration of the vision until the entire collective had received the shared thought intention.

This made Alasandra think.  In her human work life she guided individuals and groups towards shared visions and consequent advancements.  This innovation in communal visioning was exciting and interesting.  She noted that it could be a next step in evolution and that many star beings are well suited to inquiry voyages.  Perhaps that is exactly what was happening these days with a form of urban shamanism that was becoming popular.  Shaman’s becoming coaches who guide people from vision to solution.

Given the precipice Alasandra's current Earth Home was teetering on she also noted an intent to return to the slipstream and the Shamballa advisors to later inquire of the knowers of planet health and healing to learn of new devices, processes or ways of being to enable Earth's recovery. She knew that even in the eleventh hour the mass extinction could be reversed if we could but master the shared vision of stewardship and care. Yet she also knew time was running out and that the humans lacked reverence for the source of beauty, nurturance and bounty that their beautiful mother had so generously given.

Earth had deep knowledge of how to shudder and shake, boil and bubble, flood and storm her way to health by removing the human virus from her blood, bones, skin and organs. She had already begun. The signs had been appearing for decades yet the humans were still mesmerized and imprisoned. And many of the star beings were still afraid of their voice, their power and didn’t yet have the intent to bring forward acogent form of collective knowing.

Alasandra realized her next step. She could bring her starlight friends to the slipstream.  Together they could intend and journey to the Collective Knowing and bring back useful information.  She noted that once that step was taken she would have to ask Ursula for advice on how to weave the threads into a useful form.

Alasandra still lived in an earth suit.  Her disguise in the world of human had mesmerized her at times as well. Her feet were in the world of business and she liked helping the humans transcend challenges of the heart, mind and business collective. She was good at it and it made her a living. This is how people “got by” on the Earth at this time.  This is what she had been taught to be proud of and she was.

Yet everything was moving like a serpent uncoiling in the depth of her being slowly like a child moving in the womb and simultaneously at the speed of light within her cells, 182,000 miles per minute. She knew she couldn’t contain the serpent’s light and she no longer wanted to do so.  She needed another trip to the slipstream.

This time her guides in Shamballa, the advisors and over seers of her path suggested she change her gown to the color electric blue, with a hat with two fins on top that would act as antennae. The suit gratefully changed to a pale blue white, the color of new knowledge as she left the Shamballa gateway.

Her next voyage was to the hall of writing and muses. Here she required assistance with telling a tale that would instruct, guide and illustrate the power of the slipstream and the process of creating collective vision from Collective Knowing.

She began to chronicle.

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