Installation 4 - In Tune With the Waters

January 24, 2016

As I intend inspiration from the Hathors an article from National Geographic Travel finds me.  It is entitled, “I used to know a man who tuned rivers.”  The first few paragraphs read:

“He would make camp on a willow bank, then sit and listen.  Listen to the chatter of water over rocks, the whirl of an eddy, the late evening splash of trout.  To truly hear the river required a few days.  He’d have to learn to separate the trill of a tiny stepped waterfall or the bass of a torrent over deadfall, from the rest of the landscape.  If he was lucky, it would rain, and he’d get a chance to listen to the clouds building the river once again, drops spilling off trees like a water clock. At last he’d start to tune to the stream…

Forget the poets who tell you we’re made of stardust. The human body is composed of up to 60 percent water.  Our bodies own rivers and streams are traced in blood.

Water compels us and water saves us.  It hydrates us. It keeps our minds supple…it offers us many ways to move through the world.  And not just us:  Consider whales.  Look inside a whale flipper and you’ll see the bones of a fully articulated fingers.  Millennia ago, the precursors of whales came ashore, hung out on land awhile, and then headed back to the sea, where they could sing water-carried whale song to each other across hundreds of miles.  Is it any wonder that we run for the water’s edge whenever we can…Water is anywhere and everywhere.”

It makes me think of how children love to play in water, you can’t keep them away from it.  For that matter adults love it too.  I remember a favorite Joni Mitchell song, “I wish I had a river, I could skate away on.”  And the documentary about Mussel Shoals, the infamous recording studio of the late sixties and 70’s that recorded some of our best blues and rock and roll.  An elder woman of the River at Mussel Shoals explained the river’s song and claimed the land there holy.

Wondering how to explain my feelings I can say that I am drawn to hikes in the woods that follow a stream.  I often stop to listen to the water over the rocks, stop to watch the sparkle in the sunlight, sense the life within the foliage on the stream banks and feel “in tune.”

I yearn for oceans.  I can say that I feel whales in my heart.  I haven’t yet had the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins but I hope to.  I know we are ONE.  And the Hathors, the whales, not only inspire me but prompt me to find my voice.    

Do I take water for granted?  Yes, it is delivered through my tap and I let it flow freely,  at times not conserving. A favorite pre-sleep ritual is getting in a bath with mineral salts.  But I rarely now go anywhere without my refillable water bottle. I want no excuse to grab a plastic bottle.  I’ve heard it said that not using plastic water bottles is the number one thing each of us can do to help our failing oceans.

Over the holidays I went to see a few great movies.  The Big Short was among them.  I think about the eccentric genius played by Christian Bale who understands and responds to financial trends before anyone else.  He is investing in water.  The character played by Brad Pitt, a former investment banker, is saving heritage seeds.

Those of us in the metaphysical community feel the increasing light, love and Oneness. Yet this does not mean we can simply rely on others to save our planet.  We must tune into the waters and respond.  Our human bodies are mostly water and silica.  Our earth is mostly water.  Each of us must do at least one thing NOW to tune into the water and the planet, feel her and respond by doing our small part to undo the degradation.

If you haven’t already done so please watch the film at

Once you watch it you will know why it is so important.  It’s about two hours in length and well worth it, a story well told.  If you have watched it ask all of your friends and family to watch it.

We have a sacred duty to Mother Earth.  Please do one thing now and tell others about your choice and why you’ve made it.  Yes one small voice can change the world. It’s your voice, your choice. 

I send you heart a-tuning blessings.



Installment 3 – December 24, 2015

In this vision I feel my subtle bodies the size of a giant.  I remember giants in the earth and know this is a memory of light embodiment.  Many of us have felt and experienced our form as incredibly large, as if an omen of our true power and service.

“I am an Earthkeeper.”  I know as I anchor, that this is a mission of stability and light for the Earth and the greater intelligence.

As light, my legs tail and grounding root extend deep into the Earth to her core.  My hips are at the level of the Earth’s crust.  My heart is just above ground level transmitting to the surface.  My head and shoulders extend to and through the cosmos to my celestial soul, which is part of all that is, great intelligence. 

I am a tree of life transmitting from above and below, a complete circuit. 

This service is stabilizing and balancing the Earth and the rainbow light, through the full spectrum of my light body form.

It feels right and satisfying.  The light pearlescent, sometimes clear diamond light, always iridescent colors play throughout.  My feet feel solidly at home and stable at the core.

Perhaps I am coming home to myself as well, claiming my light, my place, anchored at last in the Earth.  Knowing this service in a visceral way through the subtle bodies.  Joyously filled with streaming unending light.

I am grateful.

Voyager Chronicle - Installment 2


Installation 2

Alasandra had once touched a gray whale. If she simply thought of that event her heart would begin to pulse strongly with the powerful ecstasy of love that surged through her from that first touch.

She remembered wondering how a 100,000 pound animal could have such sensitivity.  She had reached from the whale tour boat and with an index finger rubbed a barnacle on the whale’s skin.  The parasites that surrounded the barnacle looked itchy.  The whale seemed to like it and returned several times to repeat the interaction until Alasandra made the mistake of using her fingernails to scratch. When she did the animal bolted immediately and did not return.

The gray whales in the Baja have been returning to the same bays after their long journey from the arctic for eons.  Here they have their babies.  The story is told by the eco tourism guides that some thirty years ago the mothers started allowing some of their curious young to approach the boats. Now it was a phenomenon.

The small ten person pangas quieted their motors so that the mama and baby whales could approach.  Our encounter began with a baby gray hiking herself up on her mother to spy hop, vertically pushing herself to eye level viewing the people in the boat.  So full of curiosity.  We were told that the babies had to be of a certain age, 6-8 weeks before the mamas allowed them to approach.  Mama stayed close, gliding her great body gracefully under the boat belly up without ever touching it though once she nudged the boat with her nose when she thought it was dangerous to her baby.  Our naturalist named the baby Olivia.

Alasandra was kneeling and reaching over the side next to her adult daughter Hanna during her whale interaction.  Hanna had touched the baby first.  When Alasandra touched the whale she said to her daughter, my heart, my heart.  She turned to Hanna who also had tears in her eyes and said yes I feel it too.  This was a bit surprising to Alasandra as Hanna was a mathmatician and economist that excelled as an analyst and was not prone to cue into metaphysical issues like energy fields.  She could feel it too.

When we returned to the beach our hearts remained in that strong but beautiful pulsation of joy and love for hours.  A most remarkable experience that could be called upon again with focused intent as if a connection had been made for life.

The whales clearly highly sensitive and remarkable emitted an emotional field that humans could only hope to one day achieve.  How could we allow our carbon dioxide ridden world to obliterate our oceans and these amazing life forms?  Alasandra’s experience told her that emotionally the gray whale consciousness is more advanced than that of humans, at least at this point.

What humans need to be conscious of now is that the once vibrant hues of the ocean are being muted to grays and browns as the ocean acidifies and is covered in slime.  The reefs are  almost gone. Scientists predict that a point of no return is close on the horizon.  Yet the humans drove large vehicles and filled their giant SUVs with $100 tanks of gasoline unconscious that the slow death their planet had been experiencing was becoming rapid and was in the 11th hour.  They ate beef with gusto unaware that the methane gas from cows is even more destructive to the planet’s atmosphere than auto emissions.  A full 30% of the carbon monoxide seeps into the oceans. The humans and planet would not survive without healthy oceans.  The plankton on which all life on earth is predicated is dying off.  The cetaceans rely on plankton food sources.  

Yet many say that even in the 11th hour humans can reverse this course.  We are living on the knife’s edge.  The choice now is living consciously as a steward of life or unconsciously.  We are told once the human virus is removed Earth can restore herself within one hundred years.  That is what is being written and talked about now.  The Sixth Mass Extinction on planet Earth is in the 11th hour.

[More Info:  Watch the film RacingExtinction at  Then pass it on.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!]

Alasandra entered dreamtime and became aware of the presence of an ancient sage.  The body was formless but looked like the Aurora Borealis.  She knew the sage had a form because it carried a staff.

I asked for a name - “Moglo”

He says

    “This Earth is dying.  Its colors are fading.  There is great sadness.”

What can I do?

    “Write your blog.  Do your stone healing work, it awakens earth knowing.”

What about the whales?

    “They are returning to their dimension.”

It is such a loss.  What do they want to teach humanity?

“It is their song, their sounding, that “keeps the Earth rhythms.”  Deeply within the Earth mother.”

Their great hearts, I have felt it.

    “Yes, they transmit a powerful vibration of love - the power of love.”

“Sing your songs to them with your voice and your drums.  Intend a connection of the heart.

Cry with them.

They are leaving.

Their numbers dwindle.

Connect with them.  Accept their powerful heartbeat as part of you.


The Voyager Chronicle

Installment 1

The 6th Mass Extinction was seeded by greed.      It wasn't math and science per se but the glorification of science and math twisted by lies and logical substantiation of the story that power and greed wanted to portray. The gorgeous and elegant left brain, processing in its binary sequential logical fashion seven to nine bits of information at a time had become revered over the balance that is added when using both the right and left brain functions.  The right brain’s intuitive, artistic, deeper functions had been denied and shamed. Balance had been lost at great cost. 

Yet it made a certain sense as the left brain could produce tangible results and argue the value of those results. The right brain was often mute in her expression of what she knew to be true.

By the time the 20th and 21st century rolled around the humans had gotten stuck.  The Maya of comfort and lies together with the daily existence that distanced humans from the burden that greed placed upon the back of Gaia had become entwined in the myth of success and ease.

Of course this wasn’t the case for many in the world, mostly the western Europeans, Japanese and Americans enjoyed wealth and ease while the planet and the rest of the world suffered in poverty.  Even in these countries there was declining quality of life and increasing poverty as the scale of balance tipped.

The beauty of what Gaia once been had become scratched and marred, monotonously stuck in an ever repeating pattern, like the vinyl platters that played recorded music.  Humans, like the scratched record were stuck in a groove. Deep in the groove it became more like a valley without a horizon.  Most were not aware of their captivity. 

Repeating their successes with less and less joy the humans did not know how and when to move on when.  They felt heavily laden with their success but did not know how to jump out of the groove they found themselves stuck in.

At first the novelty of their left brains' creations was enchanting and led to advancements and improved quality of life. But now the collective somehow knew, watched and sensed a sticky, sickly captivity.

The humans had evolved over time.  In earlier centuries, since the Renaissance only the disguised star beings like Leonardo Da Vinci escaped the ridicule and punishment of conformist society, a society whose values were dictated by religions that shamed humans into believing they were flawed and powerless. The monied profited from the scratched record, the perseveration, and sold solutions to the pain that became ever more endured by the weary world of worker bees.  In fact most humans didn’t even know this infinity loop existed.  But the dawn of a new era was at hand.  If enough humans woke up and shouted the truth. 

The tipping point was on the knife’s edge.  The government and corporations buried the many solutions and inventions now being received by the star beings and awakened ones, or they discredited the inventors and inventions.  Free power and cell phones that did not emit EMF’s- electromagnetic frequencies, dangerous to humans was available through the inventors. Many of the earth’s dilemmas and health issues would be solved by the use of these inventions. 

However the Maya was confounding.  Humans were afraid to endure the discomfort of economic upheaval and the uncertainty that these changes would bring. Most humans were becoming sick with unexplained illnesses caused by food that was being sold to them that was genetically modified and not recognized by the body as food.  Budgets stretched thin people wanted these cheaper foods and many denied the maladies came from these sources.  The same corporations that sold this food had pre-empted the rule of law and had insured that they could not be taken to court for their actions. They also invested in and owned cancer and health care clinics. 

Things were changing though.  Ted Ex, a popular channel of information presented new ideas and ways of being and living.  More and more executives were entering dreamtime with pen and paper and emerging with new and mind blowing solutions.  Scientists, engineers, researchers and mathematicians used their right brain to enter dreamtime and connect to the Collective Knower, downloading the knowledge of new devices and technologies which held the promise of solutions to humanity's challenges.

In the past even dreamers like Einstein accessed formulas that they knew were incomplete when applied in the third dimension as they had obviously come from a higher dimension and didn’t sync in the three D world.  These dimensional surfers remembered how to access the Collective Knowing.  They brought through great leaps forward in math, science, imagination and "civilization." Admirers often stroked and flattered these ones and some of them came to believe their genius came from within.

But mostly, the Right Brain, the Collective Knower stood idle, unaware.  The exception was the artists, the dreamers, the musicians who offered entertainment.  These ones did not often live in wealth and ease but they were aware.  There were others that were aware, the elite who profited from selling illness and its cures AND the Star Beings.

The star beings mastered through practice access to their right brains and the processing of billions of bits of information at a time, in all dimensions.  Using their brain’s naturally occurring DMT they were able to voyage.  What the human’s called daydreaming was purposeful journeying for the star beings.  They accessed creative solutions and began to live more and more in other dimensions as well as the Earthly dimensions.  They were outside the groove of the scratched record.

The humans had deeply embedded in them the same star seed.   Each could with enough intention, sound and light, awaken, remember and jump out of the groove into the new dimension.   Many were curious sensing the change and occasionally some woke up from the dream like a bursting bubble.


Among the humans the star beings lived having come from dimensions beyond. They struggled through the miasma of the density of the third dimension going through re-birth after re-birth of their memory which had become so obliterated by the density of the air that they breathed and the bodies that they lived in that they found it easy to commiserate with the humans complaining about being stuck in the record's groove.

Among these star beings lived Alasandra in relative and purposeful obscurity so as not to draw attention to herself. Dreams of her past incarnations had taught her to fear the wrath that came down upon her if she stepped outside the lines.

Yet this time, this life was different somehow.      Before the mass extinctions it seemed the star beings awakened. Some awakened quickly. Some more slowly. But the more awakened the more their vibration accelerated the awakening of their Brothers and Sisters, including the humans.

Alasandra had been quietly engaged in studying and experimenting with increasing the biophotonic light in her cellular bodies, both subtle and that of the human suit. She found her way to the loving supportive embrace of her kind.   And the spiral of ascension opened before her more and more rapidly. 

Mentorship abounded in this time of the awakening star lights. Some of Alasandra's sisters and brothers drank this light whenever they were able. Some were able to drink in the starlight through their eyes. 

Many selectively chose their mentors.  Alasandra was fond of many paths but especially sound healing. She was brought more and more to life by a particular singer, dreamer, psychologist, and student of ancient spiritual frameworks. This man brought sound through his being. The sound came from other dimensions and seeped into the right brain as it transformed the listener.   With him she was able to travel into new dimensions within and beyond they veils of the Maya.

On one of these journeys she accessed a dimensional pathway of pale white silver gray.  It was a wide stream having the sensation and look of a silk scarf.  It filled her entire inner view when she looked at it.  Having practice with dimensions she was not surprised to find herself in this stream.

She had entered various types of slipstreams before and quickly inquired how to navigate. Immediately she saw to her left a series of pods or openings in an endless row, a bit like a string of pearls. After a bit of time they began to look like a spinal cord and ventricles.

With her thought she intended and entered Shamballa. She remembered that the oversight of her soul was guided from this place. Crossing the entryway through the great plaza she glided to the top of the temple and to her light tube where her greater self resided. Surrounding her tube the master guides were in conference and she easily joined as one of them.

She poured out her desires to these great ones knowing that they were there for her. She required lightness of form in the human suit, fulfilling AND nurturing relationships and ease of navigation and remembrance

She was instructed to don a gown of white and sparkly diamond light when traveling in the Slipstream.  She was advised that as she intended while in the slipstream a beam would appear as if from the folds of the scarf and she would be delivered to the appropriate entryway.  Her white diamond gown would change to an appropriate color as she entered each dimension through the pod opening.  This process she was shown could be enhancedby touching her right hand to the indent below her left shoulder. They also advised intending the use of appropriate head ware as it was key to navigation. They showed her that her gown would turn a deep orange red as she entered the hall of the Akashic records and that she would need a more scholarly looking hat.

They suggested that each voyage to the slip stream would require a first stop in Shamballa to greet and confer about the day and the intended voyages. 

"Ask your team for your requirements to be met.  Express your heart's desires as requirements and gratefully acknowledge your team’s assistance."

Then you voyage on, intending to exit Shamballa and re-enter the slip stream towards your next destination.

Alasandra remembered that she had often in the past traveled through a great white gossamer Great Hall to the temple of a Galactic Council. There she had spent time communing and learning as well as taking in the council’s healing vibration. But this was not her first intention.

Instead she set her intent to travel to Pleiades, the place of her recent ancestors. A beam of light appeared and she was there. This was a quick affair as the Pleidians immediately surrounded her and one of them simply placed their hand on her heart giving the gift of heart awakening and gnosis. She knew for now the lesson or healing had been received.

She was anxious to move on to meet Ursula, the 9th dimension being whom she had encountered many months previously and who was always with her now.  Perhaps she had always been with her.  Ursula had become a wise and constant advisor

Attheir first meeting she had shown Alasandra the degradation, horror and pain that her society had endured on their way to their enlightened way of living. She demonstrated their form of communal visioning which consisted of a shared dream time. The result of the vision was woven into energy threads that were then projected or stabilized into a device which looked like a very large sculpture like polished stone.  It sat at the middle of a plaza. She placed in Alasandra's mind the vision of the stone being moved to plaza after plaza in their communities transmitting the vibration of the vision until the entire collective had received the shared thought intention.

This made Alasandra think.  In her human work life she guided individuals and groups towards shared visions and consequent advancements.  This innovation in communal visioning was exciting and interesting.  She noted that it could be a next step in evolution and that many star beings are well suited to inquiry voyages.  Perhaps that is exactly what was happening these days with a form of urban shamanism that was becoming popular.  Shaman’s becoming coaches who guide people from vision to solution.

Given the precipice Alasandra's current Earth Home was teetering on she also noted an intent to return to the slipstream and the Shamballa advisors to later inquire of the knowers of planet health and healing to learn of new devices, processes or ways of being to enable Earth's recovery. She knew that even in the eleventh hour the mass extinction could be reversed if we could but master the shared vision of stewardship and care. Yet she also knew time was running out and that the humans lacked reverence for the source of beauty, nurturance and bounty that their beautiful mother had so generously given.

Earth had deep knowledge of how to shudder and shake, boil and bubble, flood and storm her way to health by removing the human virus from her blood, bones, skin and organs. She had already begun. The signs had been appearing for decades yet the humans were still mesmerized and imprisoned. And many of the star beings were still afraid of their voice, their power and didn’t yet have the intent to bring forward acogent form of collective knowing.

Alasandra realized her next step. She could bring her starlight friends to the slipstream.  Together they could intend and journey to the Collective Knowing and bring back useful information.  She noted that once that step was taken she would have to ask Ursula for advice on how to weave the threads into a useful form.

Alasandra still lived in an earth suit.  Her disguise in the world of human had mesmerized her at times as well. Her feet were in the world of business and she liked helping the humans transcend challenges of the heart, mind and business collective. She was good at it and it made her a living. This is how people “got by” on the Earth at this time.  This is what she had been taught to be proud of and she was.

Yet everything was moving like a serpent uncoiling in the depth of her being slowly like a child moving in the womb and simultaneously at the speed of light within her cells, 182,000 miles per minute. She knew she couldn’t contain the serpent’s light and she no longer wanted to do so.  She needed another trip to the slipstream.

This time her guides in Shamballa, the advisors and over seers of her path suggested she change her gown to the color electric blue, with a hat with two fins on top that would act as antennae. The suit gratefully changed to a pale blue white, the color of new knowledge as she left the Shamballa gateway.

Her next voyage was to the hall of writing and muses. Here she required assistance with telling a tale that would instruct, guide and illustrate the power of the slipstream and the process of creating collective vision from Collective Knowing.

She began to chronicle.

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The Element of Balance AND Adjustment - Storm

Some elemental systems call the Storm Element - Ethers.  Storm or Ethers are the total balance between earth, fire, water and wind. 

The storm element is an event that occurs when the primary four elements are all activated to create the fifth element of storm. The storm element is stimulating.  It activates all of the other elements and stimulates their energy. The presence of storm interacting with an element can indicate where or shift needs to occur, or is occurring. Storms purpose to indicate where a system is out of balance so that that system can be healed. Balance is most often realized in aspects of one's life.

 The object of every CRT (therapeutic stone healing session) is to create or generate storm within the clients energy field and body by progressively activating and balancing each of the four elemental forces. When each elemental region of the body has been activated and balanced, storm is naturally created.  Once you have come into balance with all of your elemental forces the storm element becomes an influence for dynamic balance in the body, energy field, and awareness. The storm element is, where we are meant to spend most of our time when we are in a state of balance and health. When we are in Storm and we are balanced in the elemental forces, we are able to respond to any situation from our personal power, utilizing whichever of the elemental forces is required, while maintaining a centered, clear position.

 By way of example, if prosperity is blocked there is often a chakra/elemental blockage somewhere between your 6th chakra (vision of what you want to achieve) and your 1st chakra, your root chakra or earth chakra.  You are unable to bring your vision into the earth plane.  This may be because you cannot feel or express what it will be like to achieve your goal (water element 4th and 5th chakra).  More often than not I find that there is a block at that 2nd or 3rd chakras, the fire element chakras which represent your creativity, action, trust, power and belief.

 A few of my favorite storm element stones are shiva’s lingam, tektite, chiastolite, seraphinite, aragonite, nummite, black kyanite.  Use these storm stones on any chakra that needs opening.  Your goal is to open the flow of energy through every chakra so that energy can freely flow from both above and below.  You are the conduit between the sun’s energy and light (information) and the earth’s divine nurturance and love.  To me it just makes sense that the earth’s bones (stones) resonate with the minerals in your body and that mineral (crystal and stone) resonance is a tool for making adjustments with ease.  

Through the door of the open heart

“Through the door of the open heart the universe is known”

                                                                                          Marta Belen

The Heart as the Primary Organ of Perception

Excerpted from Plant Spirit Healing by Pam Montgomery

Data enters through the heart first and is transmitted to the brain, which categorizes it and sends it to the body – including the heart – so that a two-way communication constantly occurs between the heart and the brain.  There are four ways the heart communicates with the brain:  neurologically (transmission of nerve impulses);biochemically (hormones and neurotransmitters); biophysically (pressure waves); and energetically (electromagnetic field interactions).

There are over 40,000 nerve cells in the heart as well as neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline and dopamine (known emotional mediators), that the heart synthesizes and releases.  “With every beat of the heart, a burst of neural activity is relayed to the brain,” Martin explains [Doc Childre and Howard Martin of the HearthMath Solution].  The heart senses hormonal, (heart) rate and pressure information, translates it into neurological impulses and processes this information.  The neurological signals that the heart sends the brain have a regulatory influence on many of the autonomic nervous system signals that flow out of the heart, to the blood vessels, and to the other glands and organs.”  The signals do not stop there though; they continue to the higher centers of the brain that affect emotional processing, decision making and reasoning.

Paraphrased [ANF – atrial naturetic factor is a hormone of the heart that effects the blood vessels, kidneys, adrenal glands and many of the regulatory regions of the brain.  It inhibits the release of stress hormones, plays a part in hormonal pathways that stimulate the function and growth of our reproductive organs and may interact with the immune system.]

The energetic connection between the brain and heart is created by the heart’s electromagnetic field which Childre describes, “by far the most powerful produced by the body; it’s approximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain.  The heart’s field not only permeates every cell in the body but also radiates outside us; it can be measured up to eight to ten feet away.”

The heart’s powerful rhythm tends to entrain other body rhythms.  To entrain is to “draw along with or after oneself”…Entrainment was defined by a clockmaker that put a pendulum clock in a room with all of his other clocks.  They all began to tick in harmony.  This happened because the pendulum with the largest and strongest rhythm pulled or “drew” the others into synchrony so that they were all on the same wavelength. Entrainment can also happen in music so that when many different instruments are in entrainment a beautiful symphony ensues, but without entrainment there is dissonance.  Among people, when entrainment occurs, there is connection and true communication.  When you say, “Oh I get it,” entrainment is occurring, and it is only during entrainment that true learning and understanding can take place.  When the heart, the largest oscillation or pendulum in the body, emits coherent rhythms and the brain entrains with them, “we’re at optimal functioning capacity,” according to Martin. 

Positive Impulses to the Heart

It is only recently that the heart has begun to move out of the arena of sentimentality and take its rightful place as the primary organ – the pilot…There is an exquisite discussion of the head and heart in Glenda Green’s book, Love Without End that helps us to understand the head and heart relationship from the perspective of the Sacred Heart.

The abilities of the mind by itself are fairly limited.  It is linear by nature in that it needs two fixed points of reference in order to function.  It has no understanding of infinity because its two points of reference create polarities that result in dualistic action.  The mind without heart brings about abstraction, causing a lack of connection to what’s real which leads to chaos.  Comparatively, “the heart is a magnetic vortex through which the blessings of all essences and potentialities are received, integrated and focused into living.  Through the laws of electromagnetism, that power is converted into life energy.  By comparison to the mind, the heart is a function of intelligence based on the ultimate in simplicity and synchronicity.  Its matrix is a synergistic center of awareness which perceives a unified relationship with all that is.”  It is not my intention to badmouth the brain; I am suggesting there has been an overemphasis on its singular abilities, and how we use our brains is what we must reinvent.. 

When the brain and the heart work coherently, creativity flourishes, communication flows, and healing takes place.  Childre and Martin’s research shows that the positive heart-based feelings of appreciating, love, compassion and care “generate the smooth and harmonious HRV (heart rate variability) rhythms that are considered to be indicators of cardiovascular efficiency and nervous system balance.”  There are many “core heart feelings,” but the simplest and easiest to access is one of gratitude or appreciation. Showing appreciation elicits an immediate response in your body that lessens the stress response, causes entrainment with the brain, and affects the electromagnetic field around you with ordered coherence.  It is easy to come into coherence while in a state of gratitude, because your heart responds immediately to any appreciation you can elicit even if it is not about the situation at hand.  This causes your nervous system to naturally come into balance, lessens the burden of stress and frees up energy to be available for creative outlet.  Gratitude is a highly magnetic state…when one is in the state of gratitude, it is returned to you easily.  Many religions suggest that prayers are to be ones of gratitude instead of asking for this or that and that by nearly being sincerely grateful, blessings will come to you tenfold. 

Another positive impulse for the heart is that of innocent perception.  This is a state of nonjudgment in which your view is like looking through the eyes of a child…you see the world anew with freshness and are able to be present…Judgment is part of our fight or flight mechanism and helps keep us safe.  However the dangers we face…are different than those of then thousand years ago.  Constant judgment that creates a stress response is more harmful than helpful. 

Forgiveness is harder to achieve.  Forgiveness must begin with oneself before it can move on to others.  But forgiving says Martin…”releases you from the punishment of a self-made prison in which you are both the inmate and the jailer.”