Who is Alasandra?

What is Crystal Resonance and Why Does it Work?

Alasandra is a skilled healer, coach and guide.  An Aquarian she embodies the best of that sign.  An unusual, eccentric, intuitive force Aquarians brings a relationship to all mental (air) functions that are beyond the norm – innovation, unconventional approaches, an instantaneous clarity about how things coalesce and function, brilliant crystalline intelligence from the distant stars.  Aquarius connects us to a deep desire for friendship, an objective assessment of our authentic selves, a standard of equality at all levels, great insight and future-minded decision making ability.  Aquarius is the ‘progressive one’ shattering old structures, shaking your tree to aid you in evolving and moving forward, making conceptual leaps through science, technology or the quantum fields.

CRT is a gentle, non-invasive form of energy therapy that utilizes crystals and stones, human bio-energy and guided meditation to bring balance to your energetic systems. You will lie on the therapy table and be draped with a sheet. I will progressively move up your body, placing my hands on key points such as the feet, knees, hips, abdomen, heart area, throat, forehead and crown. Stones may be placed in these areas as appropriate. I will sit at your head with my hands on your heart area and balance your energy. I may guide you in a meditation to focus the energy on your area of intent. I will then remove the stones and ensure your energy is balanced before closing the session.

You may notice physical sensations during this work as the energy is transmitted through your nervous system. You may also have emotions arise as they are released. It is also normal to experience dream-like visions and a sense of spiritual connection.

Most people report feeling greater energetic balance, centeredness and well-being after the sessions. You can also expect some of the things you are working on to shift.

It’s best to space the sessions 3-4 weeks apart to make sure the energy shifts are integrated.


Your first session is 90 minutes and includes the following. 

  • Intake to explore your elemental balance, earth, fire, water, wind and storm
  • Energy crystal and stone balancing session
  • Higher self journey
  • Your own programmed crystal
  • Chakra balancing
  • Healing homework and stone essence elixirs

Subsequent sessions are approximately 75 minutes long and involve shamanic journeys and clearing of your emotional/mental filters, etheric blueprint (physical body), and alternate lives.  While in session I work to bring illumination to both of us, creating the pathway forhealing to emerge.

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Why It Works

Your body is a compilation of light and minerals delivered to you from planet earth via the plants (photosynthesis-light) and food that you eat.

Your energetic systems easily resonate with minerals placed on your body because your bones, blood and tissues are comprised of minerals.  You  can’t live without minerals.  Crystals and stones act like a tuning fork,  resonating with your body’s mineral energy and creating balance, the prerequisite for health and transformation.

As an illustration let’s look at silica in the body.  Silica (Si), is the key component in silicon


and is the most prevalent mineral in your body. Silicon chips are the memory system of the computer. Similarly mountains and stone temples retain resonance in their mineralogy. We often feel or sense their holy resonance.

Like quartz crystal, the chemical formula of which is SiO, the human body and energy field can be thought of as human crystal. We are resonant receivers of light, sound and color. Crystal resonance therapy (CRTh) uses crystals and stones to fine tune and balance your human crystal, creating the prerequisite environment for healing and transformation.

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“Sandra is a gifted healer with a warm gentle heart. I have been in the Healing Arts field for 30 years and I came to Sandy with intense grief and physical exhaustion after 2 long years of 5 family members crossing over as well as my cat and my beloved dog.

The CRTh (crystal resonance therapy sessions) experience is profound and powerful. Sandra administers the therapy with loving patience. The therapy is helping me to find balance again. I am grateful.”
— Erin